About Us



A photo with two women, Briar and Rhonda (owners of Absolutely Cookie). Briar has bright red hair and a graphic print dress on, and Rhonda has sandy blonde hair, and wears sunglasses, a black vest, white top and blue jeans. Rhonda laughs as Briar smiles.

We are Briar & Rhonda, two best friends and the creators of Absolutely Cookie.

Coming from 35+ years in the cake industry together, our passion is to create beautiful and unique designs to transform your fondant cookies into beautiful works of art. 

We hand illustrate every design and laser-cut each piece in-house from our studio in Sydney. 

Each piece is tested before sale to ensure that it meets our strict quality control measures and it will create the perfect raised design each time. We strive to create timeless pieces that will last the test of time. 

We are constantly designing new pieces so that you can continue sharing your gorgeous cookie creations with the world. 

We appreciate all the kind words and support you have all given us since we started this company in 2021, and just want to say thankyou for choosing to shop small with us. We love being on this journey of growth with you all, and thankyou for following along.   

x Briar & Rhonda