Flipem's Looks Fishy Fish Set (STAMP & CUTTER, 1 HOOK)

Flipem's Looks Fishy Fish Set (STAMP & CUTTER, 1 HOOK)

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From our Boys collection.

Our flipem designs are unique and include debosser designs on both sides of the acrylic!

That's 2 designs in 1 Stamp


  • Original hand illustrated 1 x Fish and 1 x Super Scales design debosser
  • 1 x custom Fish cutter (170mm)
  • 1 x hand illustrated Fish Hook (extra hooks can be purchased separately)

Care instructions:

Wash each debosser thoroughly with warm soapy water and a soft brush (toothbrush) rinse in clean water and dry completely before use  


Minor imperfections on the outside edge of the debosser are caused when the laser hits the metal honeycomb causing lines.  This does not affect the quality of the debosser